Grand Assault of Arms

Grand Assault of Arms

November 4th and 5th, 2023 - New York City


The Grand Assault of Arms is a two-day classical fencing tournament hosted by the non-profit Association for Historical Fencing in New York City. Each year classical fencers from various localities both national and international travel...
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History & Origins

Most people view warfare and its grim accoutrements with horror and distaste, and excessive bloodlust and aggressiveness are generally viewed as negatives in most cultures. Simultaneously, many cultural traditions throughout history have exhibited a seemingly...
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Records of the Grand Assault of Arms since its inception in 2003. Every year the tournament varies in location, the weapons fenced, and the demonstrations offered to the public. More information will be added soon...
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Final Assaults Start in

Association for Historical Fencing

The Grand Assault of Arms was first established in 2003 by the Association of Historical Fencing, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of professional fencing instructors, amateur practitioners, and fencing enthusiasts. Part of the Association’s mission has been to develop complete and impartial competition rulesets and organize professionally run tournaments with certified judges and directors. The Grand Assault of Arms is the Association’s foremost tournament and one of the longest running traditional fencing tournaments in the world.