Grand Assault of Arms


The Grand Assault of Arms is a two-day classical fencing tournament hosted by the non-profit Association for Historical Fencing in New York City. Each year classical fencers from various localities both national and international travel to New York City to participate as individual practitioners of classical fencing from traditional fencing schools, university clubs, and study groups. Over a span of two days the fencers contend with one another in a grueling test of fencing skill with many participants fencing more than one weapon.

Preliminary assaults are held on the first day to determine the finalists in each weapon, and on the second day the finalists meet to determine the winners in each weapon category. These finals occur within an elaborately organized event that is open to the public. Professional fencing masters and instructors also participate with exhibitions of skill presenting demonstrations of various schools and weapons both classical and historical.

History & Origins

The grand assault proper developed in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s in tune with the economic and historical forces that gave birth to France’s gilded age, La Belle Epoque. Read More


Records of the Grand Assault of Arms since its inception in 2003. Every year the tournament varies in location, the weapons fenced, and the demonstrations offered to the public. Read More